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At Air-Rite Inc., we are your go-to source for comprehensive restaurant equipment services in Winnipeg, catering to various needs and purposes. Whether you're embarking on new construction or simply upgrading your facility, our top-tier products are designed to enhance your operations. Exclusively dealing with industry-leading brands, our team of experts is committed to outfitting your kitchen with the perfect tools to meet your specific requirements.


If you're searching for restaurant equipment in Winnipeg, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Diverse Product Range


Count on our skilled professionals to provide the perfect tools to meet your distinct demands. Our services encompass a wide range of equipment. For instance, if you need a new ice machine for your hotel, we're here to assist you. To discover the right product for your needs, contact our team of experts; we'll be more than happy to help.


With our extensive selection of restaurant equipment in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, we've established ourselves as a local leader in kitchen equipment supply. Some of our most sought-after units include:

Refrigeration systems

Exhaust systems

Reach-in coolers and freezers

Walk-in coolers and freezers

Trust our experts to equip you with the ideal tools to meet your demands.

Quality Guaranteed


When outfitting your commercial kitchen, the importance of quality cannot be balanced. Premium equipment streamlines your operations, while subpar equipment can lead to costly repairs and downtime. That's why we ensure that every equipment in our inventory adheres to the industry's highest standards. When you opt for our equipment, you opt for a commitment to quality.

We exclusively deal in major brands, with some of the most highly regarded options being:





Refrigeration and Freezer Solutions


At Air-Rite Inc., we provide top-notch refrigeration and freezer solutions for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our comprehensive services encompass sales, installation, and maintenance, ensuring that your perishables remain fresh and your frozen goods stay in perfect condition. We offer a range of industry-leading brands and models to suit your specific needs, from walk-in coolers to reach-in freezers. Trust us to keep your products at the ideal temperature, preserving their quality and taste.

Ventilation and Exhaust Systems


Proper ventilation and exhaust systems are essential for any commercial kitchen. Air-Rite Inc. offers expert services for selling, installing, and maintaining these vital systems. Our team understands these systems' critical role in maintaining a clean and comfortable kitchen environment. We provide solutions that meet industry standards and enhance your establishment's safety and efficiency. With our ventilation and exhaust services, you can create a healthier, more pleasant workspace for your staff and customers.

Why Choose Us?


Over the years, we've successfully met the needs of numerous commercial kitchens. Those who select our equipment and services can anticipate several benefits, including:

  • Products from trusted brands

  • Assured Quality

  • Customized services

  • Expertise borne out of experience


We encourage you to contact us if you require restaurant equipment in Winnipeg.


Contact Us


Count on us to fulfill all your restaurant equipment needs in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Please contact us by phone to speak with our team and discuss how we can assist you.

Reliable Repairs for Your Equipment

We provide repair services for commercial kitchen equipment in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

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