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Protect the supplies, time, and money you have invested in your restaurant or institutional kitchen with a high-quality, well-maintained commercial refrigerator sourced locally in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Throughout Manitoba, Air-Rite Inc. keeps your operation running smoothly with the best commercial refrigeration equipment for your needs in Winnipeg, including commercial refrigerators, reach-in coolers, and ice machines.

Sales & Installation

Air-Rite Refrigeration & Mechanical Inc. sells and installs refrigeration equipment from major manufacturers such as Ice-O-Matic® and Coldstream. We will work with you to select refrigeration equipment that matches the size and demands of your commercial kitchen. Call us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our refrigeration specialists in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Service & Repairs

From salads and meats to beverages and desserts, you want assurance that your commercial refrigeration equipment is keeping every ingredient you use fresh and safe. Since 1995, Air-Rite Inc. has provided maintenance and repair for the refrigeration equipment that foodservice professionals depend on every day. Contact us for a service or to request a preventive maintenance program. Our technicians can even instruct your staff in common, money-saving maintenance procedures.


Signs Your Refrigerator Requires Replacement

When you run into an issue with your commercial refrigeration equipment, taking immediate action is essential. Failure to do so often results in worsening of the problem, resulting in increased downtime and repair costs. Here are some common signs that your commercial refrigerator requires an inspection or replacement:


Sudden spikes in energy bills

Faulty refrigerators often use more power to carry out regular cooling and heating.


Fluctuating temperatures

The constant fluctuation in your refrigerator's temperature often indicates an issue that should be addressed.


Regular spoilt food

Food that keeps going bad before its expiration date is a tell-tale sign that your refrigerator isn't cooling correctly.


Odd sounds

The occurrence of loud noises is often caused by internal issues in your refrigerator.



Leaks in your refrigerator can create frost and is a sign of improper cooling.


Please speak to us immediately if you notice any of these issues with your commercial refrigeration equipment in Winnipeg.


Save Energy

Does your commercial refrigerator consume large amounts of energy? As the owner of a commercial refrigerator, you can take some actions to reduce this consumption and lower your energy costs. Some measures to save energy and elongate your refrigerator's life are:

  • Take care of your condenser coils with regular maintenance.
  • Ensure your refrigerator's doors are always properly sealed.
  • Place motion sensors on your fridge to light up only in the presence of customers to decrease your energy costs.
  • Always keep the area around your refrigerator clear.


If you need any more tips to maximize the life of your refrigerator, and to reduce your power bills, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Emergency Repair Services Available

At Air-Rite Inc, we place your needs above everything else. We understand that when it comes to your commercial property, the stakes are high. When your refrigerator breaks down, the last thing you need is a repair company that refuses to respond. Our repairmen are available to provide you with efficient and quick emergency repairs at all hours of the day.


Contact Air-Rite Inc in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Do you require repair services for your commercial refrigeration equipment in Winnipeg? Don’t waste time or valuable food. Call us 24/7.

Quality Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

We provide a full range of equipment for commercial kitchens in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

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