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For businesses in the food service arena, it is common for governing agencies to require the installation and upkeep of a grease trap. Once this is in place, maintenance is critical to safe and effective equipment function. Air-Rite Inc. offers grease trap cleaning services to businesses in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, making it easier than ever to keep your business safe and up to code.

Importance of Grease Traps

Grease trapping systems are very important for preventing pipe damage within your property and also protecting the environment and waterways from being polluted with contaminants. If you are uncertain as to whether you need to install a new grease trap or if your existing system requires maintenance, simply contact Air-Rite Inc. Together, we will go over the local bylaws, helping you gain a full understanding of your responsibilities. This will help you avoid the risk of costly fines which can be imposed on businesses which do not have a properly installed and maintained grease trap. In fact, businesses without code-abiding grease traps can be found liable for property damage resulting from grease-related fires originating from their site.

Grease Trap Services

Air-Rite Inc. is here to help you by obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring compliance with bylaws, and making certain that your system is up to code. When you contact our team, we will provide a quote and stick to it, with our top priority being your satisfaction. We are here to install, repair, and clean your grease traps, allowing food service operations to continue cooking unencumbered. For all your grease trap needs, we have the know-how to assist – call today!

Grease Trap Cleaning

From installations to maintenance to service – we do it all!

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