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Facilitate the longevity of your equipment with effective preventative maintenance services, available to businesses in Winnipeg and surrounding areas through Air-Rite Inc. Routine upkeep involves the inspection of equipment, allowing you to detect concerns early, thus preventing appliance failure before it actually occurs. Since recommended schedules for preventative maintenance vary based on the equipment itself, as well as its frequency of use, it is wise to rely on the experts, like those at Air-Rite Inc.

Customized Services

Air-Rite Inc. can assist businesses by creating and executing a customized program to ensure their continued function. We ensure that your equipment performs optimally, whether it is a mechanical piece, a commercial kitchen appliance, a refrigeration unit, or a plumbing utility. An Air-Rite Inc. scheduled preventive maintenance agreement offers companies the benefit of prolonging the life of company equipment and reducing unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure.

Contact us to get your maintenance services quote, and rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a company with a solid reputation for honouring its agreements.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Keep your machines in optimal condition with routine inspections and service.

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