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Air-Rite Refrigeration & Mechanical Inc. is proud to offer professional commercial HVAC systems and services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We understand what restaurants, factories, and other commercial buildings need to keep cool and comfortable throughout every season. We understand that commercial heating and cooling is much more than comfort—it can make or break your business’ profitability and functionality.


Experienced HVAC Specialists in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Don’t entrust your business’ heating and cooling to just anyone. Put our team’s years of industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction to work for you. For more information on commercial HVAC systems in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, or to schedule service for your own local business, contact Air-Rite today.

Winnipeg’s Versatile Team of HVAC System Pros

Count on Air-Rite Inc. for tried-and-true service at your business. For years, we’ve helped business owners across the region keep their equipment and inventory at the right temperature. Whether it’s getting a restaurant’s kitchen up and running or installing large-scale air conditioners at factories, Air-Rite Inc. brings dedication and diligence to every project we undertake. Count on us for:


Rooftop HVAC service

Air conditioning repairs

Boiler inspections

Ventilation system oversight

…and much more

We Service Commercial & Industrial Kitchens in Winnipeg

Air-Rite Inc. has years of experience in dealing with heating and cooling equipment in commercial and industrial kitchens and ensuring that they are working at full efficiency. Whether it’s keeping your staff cool, calm, and collected even during sweltering summer months or ensuring that your inventory and stock don’t spoil, the Air-Rite Inc. team is committed to your complete satisfaction from start to finish.


Why Should You Upgrade Your HVAC System?

A new commercial HVAC system has many benefits including the following:
 -Improves the energy efficiency of the system
 -When you upgrade your HVAC system, you will help your business engage in more environmentally-friendly practices
 -Helps maintain optimal indoor temperatures
 -Increases employee comfort
 -Simplifies maintenance

Contact Air-Rite Inc. Today in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Ready to discuss how the Air-Rite team’s years of industry experience can benefit your business? Don’t hesitate! Call us today to learn more about our commercial HVAC systems and services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas and how we can ensure your business enjoys efficient heating and cooling every month of the year.

Are you looking for a reliable commercial HVAC system in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas?

Get in touch with our team at Air-Rite Inc. For more information about our services.

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